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A UK-China multi-service digital agency.
We specialise in helping companies connect with the world’s number one online marketplace.

About us

Octoba is a UK-based digital agency with a service centre in Chengdu, China.

We make it possible for any business to easily reach, engage and support its Chinese clients by giving them first-rate web experiences and exceptional customer service.

Our Services

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Our Services

Whether you’re a manufacturer, a software company, a retailer or a service provider, Octoba can help any company communicate their offer to a Chinese-speaking audience.


From impactful web design to robust e-commerce solutions, we provide highly adaptive mobile-friendly designs which deliver quality user experiences on the platforms your clients like to use.

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Content Creation

We help you easily meet the constant demand for fresh, innovative and high value content that really connects with your Chinese audience.

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Social Media

Social media is THE key business tool in China. We help you harness the power of Chinese social media to reach, engage with and influence your target audience in China.

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Customer Services

We make it easy for any company to deliver outstanding customer support to their Chinese clients to forge strong links and build customer loyalty.

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Website development

Website Design

We create responsive websites and e-commerce solutions with payment system integration especially for a Chinese audience and the platforms they like to use.

SEO and Digital Marketing

We drive traffic and increase revenue by optimising your site to achieve high rankings in Baidu and other popular Chinese search engines.

China/Hong Kong Web Hosting

The faster site-loading speeds generated by local hosting can transform user experiences, increase customer satisfaction and improve search rankings. We help you find the right local hosting solution.

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Content Creation

Fresh, innovative and high value

Today’s Chinese audiences devour new content at a furious pace to match their busy and aspirational lifestyles. We can help you meet the constant demand for fresh, innovative and high value content to meet their ever-increasing needs.


China’s fast evolving internet environment means forever devising newer ways to communicate with your target audience. We can work independently, or in collaboration with your existing creative team, to make it simple to create high value, China-focused content which will engage your audience and help you really stand out.

We don't translate, we localise

Simple translation into Chinese is not enough to communicate your product or service effectively in China. We help businesses to think and feel like the Chinese do, in order to really connect and bond with their target market, and offer a truly nuanced, culturally appropriate approach.

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Social Media

The key business tool

The importance of social media in China is unparalleled in any other market. Platforms such as We Chat have incredible reach, are hugely influential and should be at the heart of every company’s communication strategy. At Octoba, we make Chinese social media work for you.

Brand Building

Chinese people like to talk. They want to talk to you. They also want to talk to your competitors. They especially want to talk to each other; sometimes about you. Chinese social media plays a crucial role in brand advocacy and recommendation. At Octoba, we help you to manage the conversation.

We manage your whole social media profile

We provide account creation on all major social media platforms, account design, branding, and maintenance including regular updates. We track audience engagement and undertake conversation monitoring. Octoba’s management services will prove an invaluable tool for any business aiming to fully harness the potential of Chinese social media.

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Customer support Services

Your team is our team

Our team in China aims to act as a seamless extension of your team at home, and every contact we make on your behalf is carefully crafted to stay on brand and on message. We help forge strong relationships to build confidence and loyalty with your clients and partners.

Web live agent

When your Chinese customers have questions, they want answers. Immediately! Adding live Chinese-speaking support to your website is a fast, streamlined and efficient way to deliver outstanding service, and a great way to build customer confidence.

Customer relationship management

Whether we are handling enquiries, taking orders, delivering after-sales support or managing complaints, our China-facing customer services deliver first-class support to your clients.

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China - Out of the box

Fully-formed digital strategies

Whether creating, consolidating or expanding your business in China, we have the right technical and creative strategies for you - tried, tested and ready to go.

Easy scalability

As your business grows, our services grow with you to extend your reach further into the heart of the Chinese market.

We bring China closer to home

All our China-facing services are easy to access from the comfort of your own desk via our UK service hub. No need to worry about language barriers or time-zone differences.

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